Thursday, February 5, 2009

finally: socks for me!

218/365: socks - for me!

I have been knitting socks since April 2007 and hadn't finished a pair for myself until yesterday. I'm so glad that these were my first matched socks!

Yarn: Socks that Rock lightweight in Fire on the Mountain
Needles: US 1
Cast on first sock: June 18, 2008
Cast off first sock: Aug 1, 2008
Cast on second sock: Aug. 1, 2008
Cast off second sock: Feb. 5, 2009

These took a while to complete and have their flaws (sorry, I can't help but be critical - they're the first socks for myself!) but I love them so much. I have been wearing them all day and will be supremely sad to take them off tonight.

FO: rainbow socks

What I learned in finally knitting socks for myself:
1) I think I am kitchenering the toe too tightly because it doesn't look like nice, even stockinette when I'm done. Thoughts, knitting experts? Is it better to start loose and tighten a few stitches in?
2) I need to make heel flaps longer, because these just barely fit over my ankle.
3) Weighing yarn is key ... had I had my scale before I started this pair, I'd have made them taller (I had 16g leftover).
4) Corny but true: I have so much to learn!

FO: rainbow socks

I also learned that using such a tiny needle might not be the best idea possible. Knitting these kind of hurt my hands - and knitting should be a pleasurable experience!

Instead of finishing up my other sock-with-half-a-mate, I cast on for a new sock with some Prism Merino Mia with US 2.5 needles and it's flying by splendidly:

WIP: ribbed sock

It's already double this size and I only took the photo a couple hours ago!

I used the last of my Christmas yarn gift certificates at BMFA on Monday. It shipped Tuesday night from Oregon and was in my mailbox Thursday afternoon. Bliss.

Mediumweight in KMBFLA:
STR mediumweight, KMBFLA

Mediumweight in Jasper:
STR mediumweight, Jasper

Perhaps my favorite, lightweight in Bella Coola:
STR lightweight, Bella Coola

I have to say that I have not enjoyed being sick, but it's done wonders for my knitting as of late!


  1. Your FoTM socks look great! I love that colorway and your socks show the colors off so well. You may have just enabled me to throw another skein of it in my BMFA cart.

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous first pair of socks! My first couple of pairs, big! Yours look great!

    And glad to see you've restocked some lovelies!!

  3. yay! I'm glad you finally made some for yourself. :)

  4. Laura - they are so beautiful!!! Have you tried toe-up two-at-a-time socks? It's so nice to have both done at once and the turkish cast on is very easy. I have some nice links...just pm me on Ravelry if you want me to share them. Have a great week-end...supposed to be nice here!!! ~Shannon

  5. Love the Fire on the Mountain socks. Great colorway and they look darn good for a first pair, or any pair for that matter!