Monday, February 16, 2009

like buttah

228/365: new scarf!

Yarn: Malabrigo worsted in Pollen (2 skeins)
Needles: US 8
Knit between: December 2008 to Feb. 15, 2009

This is unbelievably soft! I've knit several cowls out of it for friends but this is the first knitted object for myself (one of my resolutions this year, if you remember). Since I took the above photo, I soaked it in the tub with some Vo5 (no wool wash for me yet ... eventually I will pick some up!) and now it's drying on top of the washer. I let the ends dangle off the side in the hope that it gets a little bit longer.

Last night, Josh and I went to P.F. Chang's for a birthday/Valentine's dinner. Then we saw Jonny Lang in concert (my birthday present). I am going to say we were in the 4th row - there were three orchestra rows, and then our section on the left started with row B (yet the center section started with A, for some reason). We were about 15 feet from the stage. So awesome. It was my sixth time seeing him in concert.

In other news, I think my running mojo is back. I skipped a few days for my trip to Georgia and then was sick for a week. I took last week as a recovery week and ran twice, no longer than four miles each time. I'm back on schedule now, though. Saturday I ran 3.6 and today I ran 5. Tomorrow's a shorty, then I have to head to Running Etc. for some Gu because I'm aiming for 10 miles on Thursday!


  1. I love the yellow! Very cheery on a dreary day. Also, those earrings are great!