Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Socktober!

Just stopping by to wish everyone a happy first day of Socktober!

I have finished eight pairs of socks this year (seven of which can be found here). I'll definitely have at least three more finished (all gift knits) -- maybe not in Socktober, but definitely before the end of the year (because two of the three are Christmas gifts). That means I just need to knit one more pair to make it a pair a month for all of 2009!

I am slooowly working on my toe-up socks:

sock progress

Pattern is Dead Simple Lace Socks from Wendy Johnson's new book.

These are on the back burner for now, though -- I've got two other projects that are taking priority right now - my vacation cowl and socks for my running buddy. My knitting goals for my weekend are finishing the cowl, which is 75% done, and casting on the mate to the first sock, which is done. I'm hoping I can get to the heel of that sock this weekend. Shouldn't be too hard, since they're relatively short-cuffed:

WIP: Diana's Marathon socks

What are your knitting priorities right now?

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