Friday, December 25, 2009

2009: A Year in Knits

Merry Christmas, everyone! I've had this post in the works for a while and (now that Christmas gifts are given), I can share:

What I knit in 2009

By the numbers, here's what I knit in 2009:
13 pairs of socks (12 adult-sized, one baby-sized) (Also: seven for me, six for others)
six hats (five adult-sized, one baby-sized)
three shawlettes
two pairs of mittens/mitts
two scarves
two cowls
one baby sweater

I'm quite pleased with everything I knit this year. I have tallied my "mileage" at and I'm at 4.37 miles for the year. That is about 7,691 yards!

As for stashing - well, I made a dent in knitting down the sock yarn stash, until vacation came along. I think for the most part that I was mindful of my purchases - something I blogged about a year ago.

I accomplished two of my three knitting goals this year:

1. Knitting a lace shawl: I accomplished this with Ishbel.

2. Learning toe-up socks: Mostly done! I took a very fun class with Wendy Johnson a few months ago, where we learned toe-up cast-ons and how to turn a heel. I'm going to try to finish my first toe-up sock in the next few weeks - it's been on hiatus because of Christmas knitting.

I didn't get around to goal no. 3: knitting a sweater. (well, I knit a BSJ, but I had an adult-sized sweater in mind when I made that goal!) I think I'm more of an accessory knitter.

My knitting goals for 2010 include knitting at least 12 pairs of socks (one a month) and knitting a larger lace shawl.

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  1. Such a lovely year in knits!! Love the knitting goals too! Here's to a knitty 2010!