Friday, December 4, 2009

a non-update

Good morning! I'm still in Christmas-knitting land.

WIP: hat for my brother's girlfriend

This is a hat (since finished but not photographed) for my brother's girlfriend, Meg. It's knit out of BMFA Icelandic - a rather chunky single-ply yarn. I made the brim extra tall in the hopes of giving it extra warmth for winter in Ohio. The skein was enormous, so I'm hoping to get a pair wrist/arm warmers out of it, too. Or maybe mittens. I'm not sure I have it mittens in me - there's something rather soothing and not threatening about the idea of just knitting up a tube for wrist warmers.

Other than that, I've got about half a sock left and my Christmas knitting will be DONE. It will be a relief, but I remembered this week that my co-worker is due to have a baby in early February and I haven't started a gift for her. (I'm thinking of knitting a sock monkey toy.) And so it will begin again...


  1. If you can do socks, you can handle mittens, no problem! I learned to knit in the HUB at PSU (in 1990 they used to do fun "classes" upstairs in the art center - don't know if it is still there since the big remodel a few years ago) very first project was a hat, with 2 colors! Our second project was Scandinavian-style mittens...again 2 colors! I only ever completed 1 but I think it would be a piece of cake now that I truly have some experience behind me. You should go for the mittens!!! Happy knitting!

  2. I *should* go for the mittens, especially because she keeps coveting the Ohio State ones I made for my brother last year! I bet I could whip some up in no time ... I was just being lazy about making the thumb gussets. ;-)