Monday, December 17, 2007


I'm still feeling sick, but it's hard to put my finger on it. I'm stuffy ... slightly sore throat ... and tired all the time - that is, I'm sleeping 12 hours a night but still feel exhausted. I don't know whether I have a fever because I don't own a thermometer, but I've been going through spates of being too hot and too cold. Friday and Saturday night I took cold medicine and had some really lifelike dreams. So I skipped the medicine last night, and I had a dream that my mother was trying to make my life a living hell and I woke up sobbing. I don't know that I've ever woken up crying.

I missed work yesterday and spent all day sleeping, knitting and sitting on the couch watching TV. I caught "Drop Dead Gorgeous," several OnDemand episodes of "Sex and the City," and some show about a tribe in the jungle building a treehouse school and a movie I think I'm forgetting. TONS of TV.

But best of all ... I caught the documentary about my college newspaper on PBS! I didn't mention it on here earlier because I didn't know what to expect from it and if it was embarrassing, well, I didn't want everyone I know to watch it. It had its nationwide debut Tuesday but didn't air in Norfolk until last night. My senior year of college, this filmmaker came to our college paper and filmed hundreds of hours of footage. I wasn't a 'main character' (really, the copy desk and grammar fun don't make for exciting TV) but my roommate at the time was, so the cameras followed her quite a bit and even came to our apartment a few times.

I was in the background in quite a few scenes - oddly enough, sometimes wearing the same sweatshirt and shorts I was sporting yesterday for my day on the couch. And one of my crocheted afghans on the back of the couch is on screen just as much as me!! I might have to take a screen shot or two to post on Flickr. That feels rather egotistical but oh well. I need to document it for the eventual day when our DVR goes back to Cox and I can't watch the documentary again. =)

But all in all I enjoyed it. It gave an accurate view of the struggles of the paper that year. It's fair - sometimes it's cruel in the honest of what's said, but it's fair.

So back to knitting ... I have progress to show on the Monkey sock, as I turned the heel yesterday:

Turning the heel makes me feel smart.

I hit a problem on the top of the foot, though - the second top-of-the-foot-needle has 15 stitches instead of 16. I am hoping that if I tink the first and compare it to the second, I will be able to find my mistake and just make a stitch in the appropriate spot instead of tinking the entire round. Ugh. I'm going to tackle this now and not put it off.

I think what I hate most about being sick is not being able to run. My long run on Thursday (a five-miler) was really great. The first few miles were super strong and I really enjoyed it. But I haven't run since - I skipped my two-miler Saturday and a three-miler today. It's cold and crisp outside, perfect for running all bundled up. But I'm sniffly and achy and it wouldn't be a good idea. That's what I keep telling myself. If I'm feeling up to it tomorrow, maybe I'll do a two-mile walk instead of a run. Then I'll try to tackle my six-miler on Thursday all recovered.


  1. Hi Laura!

    Did you happen to save Independent Lens? Is there any way I could get a copy from you? I just searched my guide but it doesn't look like it will be repeated. Bummer! I would really like to see it.


  2. Shannon,
    I will have to see if it's possible to record from the DVR. I'm not entirely sure how to do that but I'll look into it!