Saturday, December 15, 2007

O Christmas tree

all decorated!

Getting a Christmas tree in Virginia will never get old. Or cold. You see, we got it one day this week when it was about 75 degrees out. We wore shorts and t-shirts and when we got home, we flung open the windows and back door to get a little more air moving. We named our tree Hercules (after the name on the fence at the store). He's a little crooked but that's OK. He's decorated and lovely.

I am sick right now. I think my fever is gone, but I have the full-blown sniffles and a cough. I hate it.


  1. Awww, your tree is lovely! Hope you feel better soon. I have it,'s going around...what with the 75F one day and 55F the next we're bound to be sick. THAT, my friend, is the bad part of life in VA!

  2. Your tree looks great! I kind of miss the "real" tree, but such is life in the desert. Hope you feel better soon.