Monday, December 17, 2007

pics from the documentary

OK I was a big nerd and took some pictures of the documentary I mentioned in my last post. I waited until my roommate left for work, haha, nor did I t post them on Flickr. Anyhow, here goes:

Here is my second-ever crocheted afghan. Yes the colors are really that bright. Red Heart Supersaver, baby.

Ta-da! It's me. And Jimmy. Let me tell you, taking pictures of TV is difficult. Random splotches appear when you use the flash, so I had to keep a steady hand and not use the flash.

Time to tackle that Monkey sock again. I tinked the other needle like I said I would, but I cannot figure out my mistake. I'm going to have to go stitch by stitch. Boooo. I give myself 10 minutes to get really angry at it and abandoning it again for my other sock-in-progress.

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  1. Sweet! That is so're a somewhat TV star! =D