Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm getting my cowl on

cowl in progress

A friend is turning 30 on Sunday and for once, I planned ahead and knitted a birthday gift (well, it's not done yet but it will be before her birthday). She rides her bike to work so I think this will be good when the cold weather returns. I am using two balls of Artful Yarn Reality with really small needles (US 6) - I think the ball band calls for 10 or so. I just knit really loose, I suppose. I was inspired by this cowl.

I also cast on last night for a stockinette sock in STR Fire on the Mountain. I love it so much, I'm definitely keeping this entry short so I can knit a little more before work. The colors are crazy and I'm only on the ribbing. Photos to come, as long as the colors stay nice and don't pool too crazy. Well, even then I'll probably take a photo of it for posterity's sake.

Oh yeah! Saturday was WWKIP Day. I met up with Tiffany and Tasha at Starbucks for a few hours. It was great to have a three-day weekend, and a Saturday at that. I am nearly done with the baby socks for my co-worker who's having twins - I just need to finish the toe on the final sock, yay! That evening I went to the Tides game with Josh and two friends from work and knit on the cowl there (I got my tickets through the local knitting guild though didn't know many of the knitters around. What can I say, I'm shy around strangers!).

And one more thing ... check out my mom's Babette Blanket in progress! It's looking mighty fine.


  1. Looking good. I am going to ask a very dumb question: What's the difference between a Babette Blanket and an afghan?

  2. The cowl is looking good! I'm so glad we got a chance to knit together too! =)

  3. Hiya Nat! The difference is that the Babette Blanket is just the name of that specific pattern *for* an afghan.