Sunday, June 22, 2008

a productive weekend

I have some more FOs to show! Big surprise, it's more baby boy knits:

socks for the twins = done

Finally finished the Lorna's Laces multi socks for my co-worker who's having twins soon. She's home for the duration now so I'll have to give them to her husband (also a reporter - very convenient). I'm glad I finished them before she gave birth!

I also made a hat from that blue Malabrigo I picked up the other day:

baby hat = done

It's for my co-worker Brian's wife who's having a boy in November. I knit this hat in one day - my first one-day knit EVER. Can you blame me? It was my first time knitting with Malabrigo. I took this puppy to the beach and knit the whole way through "Get Smart" (which was very funny and much better than the reviews I've read).

I made a little mosaic of all the blue knitting I've done in the past few months, check it out here or at flickr for the details.

so many baby boys

I might have one more boy knit in me for the recipient of the Malabrigo hat - probably a pair of socks from the leftover LL. And I'll find out in a few weeks what the next pregnant co-worker is having. (She thinks it's a girl.) I am surprisingly not yet fatigued of all the baby knitting. I think it's because they generally go so fast.

Last night I made something that didn't involve yarn - peach cobbler.

peach cobbler

It was suuuper yummy and I don't even like peaches that much. Josh was really happy, though. Hopefully he won't have to wait another year and 10 months of dating to get another peach cobbler outta me!

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  1. Good thing you are a PSU alum and like blue & white!!! The cobbler looks delish! Glad you had a nice week-end.