Thursday, June 19, 2008

it's my weekend again?!

Man, four-day weeks go by so quickly! Today I worked on a project for about half of my shift, and it flew by. Before work, I took a trip to one of my LYSes that I haven't visited in a while. (One of the two gender-to-be-determined work pregnancies is, indeed, a boy. So more baby boy knitting is ahead! I told my co-worker Laurie that it's up to her to break the trend!) Anyhow, I enjoyed the Knitting Corner's new selection - and managed to spend about $30 on some notions (and yarn for baby projects - including Mmmmmalabrigo!). Pictures will come soon.

So yes, it's my weekend. I have no plans for tomorrow except to work out, knit and listen to Tom Waits - his latest tour began Tuesday, and I'm a little sad it wasn't anywhere near me. I have goals - to finish the toe on the last baby sock, and to cast off on Lori's cowl. And Friday I am planning on the beach and seeing "Get Smart" at one of the local Cinema Cafes - movie theaters that serve yummy food while you watch.

What's *not* stated but will be happening nonetheless is a trip to the gym each of those days! If I may say so myself, I've been pretty good about working out - four days a week. 60 minutes of cardio two days, 30 minutes of cardio + weights the other two. I think it's pretty much a routine now, and I'm really enjoying it (except for the loud-mouthed smelly cigarette-smoking woman who seems to go to the gym at the same time as me and comment on EVERYTHING on the TV. But anyway).

Today I booked a plane ticket for my brother to visit for four nights in August. I'm already looking forward to it! I imagine we'll go to the beach a few times, cook some nice meals (and go to some seafood places) and it will be a blast. He is very deserving of a trip to the beach, this past year has not been the kindest to him. I'm so glad we are pals.

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  1. Let me know what you think of Get Smart! I loved the series, but am always skeptical of remakes.