Friday, June 20, 2008

a productive day

Yep, today was productive - I made a tomato and mozzarella salad (YUM) and pico de gallo based on this yummy recipe I saw linked to on Shannon's blog:

yum, pico!

It's not as juicy as I would have liked, and I had to substitute lemon juice for lime, but it's still pretty yummy. I think I need to mush up some of the tomatoes to make it a little runnier next time.

I also finished the cowl for my friend Lori:

finished cowl

Aaaaand this was all before I was called into work overtime tonight (five minutes before the shift started!). I was binding off when the phone rang, so I threw the cowl in my bag and weaved in the ends at work. She seemed to really like it, so I'm happy! I took the photo of myself wearing it amid running around the apartment like a crazy person while getting ready for work. In about 15 minutes, I changed out my pajamas, did my hair and walked the dog. WHEW.

Here is the yarn I bought at one of my LYSes on Wednesday (first, two photos of Malabrigo, then some Plymouth DK for skully socks - my first colorwork, yikes!

Malabrigo in Damask Rose

Malabrigo in Tuareg

future skull-y projects

Today I also bought the makings of peach cobbler - it's my boyfriend's favorite dessert and we always joke about how I never make it for him. I was going to make it tonight, but I had to work. Tomorrow it will be peach cobbler!

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  1. The cowl looks great! =) yay for Malabrigo too! oooh colorwork--have fun! I'm too chicken to try =D