Wednesday, February 17, 2010

slow and steady ...

WIP: Dead Simple Lace Socks

Above is my unofficial Knitting Olympics project. (It's 'unofficial' because I didn't sign up for any teams on Ravelry or sign up via the Yarn Harlot's blog. Just joining in with the spirit.) I'm trying to finish up some WIPs during the Vancouver games, and this is the only one I've worked on so far. I've got about 40 rounds of the pattern + 17 rounds of ribbing to go. I'm planning on getting a lot done on Friday, my only day off work this week.

I have to say that turning the heel of sock no. 2 went 150% better than it did with sock no. 1! No lifeline and no mistakes. I think I have this toe-up heel flap down to a science (well, as long as I follow written instructions).

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