Monday, February 8, 2010

a little of this, a little of that

Sorry for the radio silence - I feel like I start every post this way but man, I am bad about updating!

Since I last posted, it has snowed not once but twice!

three handknits

We got five or six inches the last weekend in January. I hadn't seen more than dusting in my neck of the woods since I moved here four and a half years ago. So this was pretty darn exciting.

Gracie loved running around in the snow drifts. She looked like a rabbit, bounding around!

Gracie had a big day last week - she has had a spot on one of her eyes for a little while now, and last week she had a procedure to remove the hairs from inner eyelid that were causing the degeneration on her eye. Her eyelids are a bit puffy, and she needs quite a few drops every day, but she is doing well.


As for me? My birthday is Thursday, and I'm really looking forward to it. It will be a furlough day (boo), but I am planning some nice things, including lunch with my sweetie, knitting with my SnB gals and even a massage and haircut at a local spa! I can't wait. I've never treated myself to something like that. I have a 14K relay race Saturday morning so I'm going to use a gift certificate I got for Christmas from a dear running buddy and have a pedicure before the race. (My friend turned me onto the idea of getting a treat for your feet before a big race and I'm officially a convert.) I'm a little worried about how the race will go, because the snow and resulting ice put a damper on my training, but I'm trying to remind myself that I'm running 4 to 4.5 miles and I can get through it just fine. My teammate and I made awesome shirts and I can't wait to debut them on Saturday! I haven't run a race since last May, and I didn't run in the inaugural 14K last year, so I'm pretty excited.

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  1. I just noticed on your blog profile it says you're a 25 year old runner. Hmmmmm.....!

    I also thought it was cool that you posted this entry at 2:11 PM the other day - your birthday actually!

    I missed wishing you and EXACT happy birthday but almost an hour, since you were born at 1:12 PM.

    Love you,