Thursday, May 17, 2007

rum raisin

Today has been really lovely, mostly because I started a new knitting project. Behold, the rum raisin scarf!

I'm loving the variegated yarn. I switched gears to a new project because I love the acid green scarf I'm working on, but I'm sick of not seeing much progress. This is nice chunky yarn and it works up really quickly. 16 stitch cast-on, then garter stitch on 10mm needles. Lauren will most likely be the recipient. I might even be able to eke two scarves out of the yarn, considering how little yarn knitting uses. I've got five skeins of it, I think.

I made garlic chicken and pierogies for dinner. It was divine.

Now it's time to return to my spot on the couch for more work on rum raisin. I'm partway through this week's episode of Lost ... will Charlie die? I hope not. He's my favorite Mancunian on TV!

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