Saturday, March 15, 2008

tomorrow's the big day!

ready for race day!

Race bib, check. I love that our first names are on it ... it's corny but it definitely helped last year to hear strangers cheering for me saying, yes, Laura, you can do it, haha.

I still need to make a list of everything to remember so I don't forget anything important (I'm looking at you, Body Glide). I still need to update my iPod. But for now I am enjoying this quiet Saturday. I was in bed around midnight but couldn't fall asleep till 2 or so. Then Gracie woke me up by starting to barf around 7. I was really cranky so I went back to bed, even though I kind of wanted to force myself into tiredness today by not sleeping much (hoping that would lead to sleeping well tonight). We'll see.

I went to the expo yesterday and picked up my bib and swag and bought some great running gear. I think that's going to have to be my annual stock-up-on-running-stuff event because man some of the prices are good. I got a long-sleeved wicking shirt, a tank top (which I have to exchange today since it doesn't fit, dang), a three-pack of socks, a pair of cheapie cotton gloves and a new wicking baseball hat, all for $45. The only things I didn't get - but kind of want/need - are a new pair of sunglasses and perhaps some pepper spray for running. I think I'd feel safer that way.

OK well that's all I've got for now ... I will report back after the race tomorrow! Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Laura! Thinking of you today. Hope the race goes well! It is kind of chilly and gray...but maybe that is a good thing? Can't wait to see your blog later to see how it went for you!


  2. I hope the race is going well! Can't wait to hear all about it!