Tuesday, March 25, 2008

wow, the miracles of time

So I finally bought a stopwatch - just a cheapie one for less than $8 at Wal-Mart. All I wanted was a big display and easy navigation. I used it today for the first time ... wow! I think I've been underestimating my running times for some time!

Today, I ran three miles at a 12:47 pace. (12:12, 13:00 and 13:10 were my splits.)

For most of my half marathon training, I ran at a 14:00 or more pace. I know that I was really pushing myself today, but dang! (For the record, my 5K PR is 37:08, set in December 2006.)

I'll definitely be using the watch every time I go out ... here's hoping I keep my times down.

In knitting news, I have another FO! I finished it in three days.

finished hat for Grayson

It's for my cousin, Grayson, who's nearly two months old. I love the little knot at the top. Next time I make this hat, I'll make the tube at the top a little taller - it was tough to knot.

I found out yesterday that my co-worker who's pregnant with twins is having boys (likely to arrive in July), so my blue yarn will be getting plenty of use. And another co-worker's wife is pregnant, due in October. Many a baby knit will be flying off the needles in the next few months...


  1. Love the baby knits. I have a garmin, and now I don't ever think I can run without knowing my times and splits.

  2. Cute hat.

    The Man has a timex that he loves if you are looking to upgrade.

  3. Thanks Nat but I think I'll be hooked on my lil stopwatch for a while!

  4. Wow that is awesome to find out!!

  5. Love the baby hat! What is the pattern? Or did you design it yourself? Too cute!!!