Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm sorry for the lack of follow-up vacation post, I guess I've been suffering the post-roadtrip blues.

Without further ado ... more pics from Shenandoah! We entered the park at its southern entrance - this added about 50 miles to the trip, but we got to see more of the park that way. We stopped at a couple of scenic overlooks - but not many, because they happen every few miles.

the view at the first overlook

It got really foggy/cloudy the higher we drove into the park. The weather didn't help - it was supposed to be rather overcast all weekend. When we got to Skyland Lodge, we couldn't see where we were staying for at least a day - it was that foggy. We had a room with a view, and this was our view Friday night:

view from our balcony, Friday night

On Saturday morning we hiked to Dark Hollow Falls. You keep walking down, down, down alongside some pretty water ...

hike to Dark Hollow Falls

Until you reach this:

falls from above

A really big waterfall! About 70 feet or so. The weather was totally perfect - all misty and moody. I felt like we were in an enchanted forest.

forest in the fog

self-portrait in front of the falls

It was a killer walk back up hill, though. We must've stopped 10 times to have a little drink of water or just sit on a stump.

from whence we came

That afternoon we set out for a hike to the summit of Hawksbill Mountain, the tallest in the park. There were several routes to the top, we took the one that was supposed to be easiest. And it really wasn't too bad. And the view was great at the top.

rays of sunshine = pure luck

overlook from Hawksbill Mountain

at the summit

That night we watched the sunset from our very cold deck. Gorgeous!


We had another little hike on Sunday morning - mostly a walk, there were hills involved. Josh surfed the biggest stump we had ever seen:

Josh, surfing the really massive stump

By then, we were - or at least I was - sick of the food at the lodge's restaurant. Don't get me wrong, it was pretty good, but I wanted to eat elsewhere for the first time since Friday morning. So we took a road trip to Charlottesville where we couldn't hold out till dinner ... and stopped at a Five Guys Burgers and Fries for lunch instead. And we went to a LYS on the pedestrian-only main street in downtown Charlottesville. After my yarn binge at MS&W, I wasn't interested in the yarn. I bought some DPNs.

We had a leisurely drive back Monday (and it was snowing when we left - crazy!). Then Tuesday was a real snap back to reality. I watched my co-worker's three-month old son starting at 7:30 a.m. ... and drove him to work to drop him off, and then worked until midnight. Long long day but it was fun to take care of the cute baby. I had never driven with a baby in the car, so I was nervous about the car seat (but it was fine) and drove like a really old lady.

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  1. Oh Laura, it looks like you and Josh had a wonderful time. Our country sure is beautiful, isn't it?! Thank you for posting more photos!