Monday, May 26, 2008

knitting update

It's been nearly a month since I posted knitting pics, so here's where I stand on my current WIPs:

three down, one to go ...

Three booties down, one to go! I am excited to be finished - and I've got at least six weeks to make the next one. Making four baby socks on size 0 (or smaller - not sure of the size) is taking forever when I want to be working on other things!

Next up is my Nutkin sock. I love it already, even though I'm only two repeats in:

Nutkin, two repeats in

I'm so pleased with it. The yarn is Yarn Pirate merino sock in Wildflowers. She makes gorgeous yarn, that's for sure.

Next up are the socks I'm going to call my Lost socks - basic stockinette socks that I knit during "Lost" (because it stresses me out and I knit faster - but can't concentrate on a pattern). And the name works because I'm lost on the leg. It. Is. Never. Ending.

the stockinette sock that never ends

I've probably got 20 rounds or so before the heel flap. Thank GOD!

I've been kind of a bummer mood lately. I've been having some pretty bad back pain lately. I sleep on my stomach with my arms crossed beneath my head, and normally, the dog sleeps between my knees, so I end up sleeping bow-legged and it's been throwing my back out of whack and I wake up in a lot of pain. I can't even run, it hurts so much. I have been taking the dog for walks when I've felt up to it, but eventually my back starts to hurt and I just want to lie down on my side, because sometimes that's the only position that feels OK. It shows me more than ever that running helps my mood - I feel down in the dumps when I don't get to run, and I just feel so much better when I get out, even if it's just 30-40 minutes.

If it doesn't feel much better in a few days, I might go to the doctor. For now, we're just kicking the dog off the bed and I'm popping Advil. Send me some good vibes that I get back to normal soon!


  1. Can you take Allieve I find that does wonders for back pain.

    It's frustrating to be hurt. Hang in there.

    I have a dumb question... and I am sure there is an answer that I missed somewhere, do you ever knit things other than socks?

  2. Nat, I do knit other than socks but it doesn't really seem like it! I've made scarves, though since I learned to knit socks a year ago, I've been stuck on that! It's such a slow process for me...I swear I will try my hand at a shawl one of these days.

  3. I hope your back feels better soon! I've been having back and muscle aches lately and am chalking it up to stress.

    I try to knit during Lost but sometimes it's impossible since I can't knit without looking!