Friday, May 30, 2008

lace knitting

start of my first shawl

Well, I cast on my first lace shawl, knit about 20 rows and had to frog it because of a mistake. But man it was fun while it lasted! It's definitely going to be a project I must work on alone with no music, no TV, etc. till I get the hang of lace. I really enjoyed knitting with the Knitpicks Options needles.

Back to sock knitting, but just for a little. =)


  1. Beautiful honey! And frogging is a learning lesson. Never forget that.

  2. Apparently there is a whole knitting lingo I'm not aware of, it's just like running.

    Love the colour! I am so impressed with the knitting thing...

  3. I feel your pain...I had to frog my first shawl, too...but mainly because my stitches were too small. I purchased a set of lace Addi's but I haven't started on the shawl again. I think it is now a cold weather project! (Which will be perfect with twins in school 5 days next Sept - I'll have *15* hours all alone each week in which to knit or sew! wooo-hoo!)

  4. Is that the Swallowtail Shawl? I started one a few weeks ago but got distracted and it's hibernating =D yay lace! You'll get the hang of it! =)

  5. You look like you are off to a good start. Careful, lace is addictive!