Thursday, May 8, 2008



Pungo strawberries

I went to a pick-your-own place today with my friend Stephanie ... man what a great deal! I paid less than $5 for about three pounds of strawberries fresh off the plant. I rinsed them and cut the tops off and packed them up for tomorrow's trip. My boyfriend and I are staying in Shenandoah National Park for the weekend. It's supposed to rain (no fun) but I'm hoping we can go on some nice hikes (hey, it's under cover in the trees, right?). I'm bringing some knitting (I've got to make 2.5 more baby socks by Saturday the 17th) and some magazines (two Runner's World and Interweave Knits - my first in the subscription!). It should be nice and relaxing!


  1. I am exceptionally jealous of your strawberry's. Just sayin'....:) And thanks! The socks rock!

  2. Did you pick those in Pungo? I grew up here and *still* haven't gone strawberry picking! =)