Friday, June 15, 2007


Today sucked. I hate never being able to say no.

Because of that, tomorrow I have to find time to do the following between working a day shift:
put air in tires, fill up gas tank, and oh yeah - get/print directions for my trip
find cards for my future sister-in-law (graduation) and dad (Father's Day). Not to mention gifts. EDIT: I found some cards in a drawer that, in a pinch, will work. EDIT 2: Now what the hell did I do with my brother's graduation card that I picked up months ago?
take my dog to the groomer's and not forget to pick her up
pack for Pittsburgh (luckily, the laundry's done)
maaaaybe get my car washed

It's not as if I've been dawdling on any of these things. Yesterday I woke up early to squeeze in a trip to the yarn store for a project that needs to be expedited. Then I worked 12 hours. Today I managed to drive out to Virginia Beach for a ton of errands: yarn store again (ball-winding), Kohl's and Michael's and still make it to work by 11 a.m. I stayed there for a good 13 hours, except for a quick break to walk the dog.

At least tomorrow isn't a back-t0-back shift. I requested it off months ago. And the light at the end of tomorrow's tunnel is happy hour with friends (God willing I don't pass out in my bed first.) And the super-bright light at the end of the tunnel is surprising family in Pittsburgh (God willing I don't oversleep my 4 a.m. alarm Saturday).

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