Sunday, June 17, 2007

what a whirlwind.

Oh my goodness. I can't believe I'm back from Pittsburgh already. What a great, great weekend, even if we left Pittsburgh 21 hours after we arrived. Yesterday was a looooong day, since we got 3 and a half hours of sleep. But a little nap helped us get through the party without nodding off. The best part of the day was laughing and talking with everyone as if we had seen each other yesterday, not a year ago, and introducing everyone to Josh, aka Texas Josh/Texas George/Fred. I was afraid my family would overwhelm him ...

but I don't think that happened. He earned brownie points for taking the above picture with about six cameras. (Oh, and my entire family isn't even in this picture ... we were missing three of my grandparents' 10 kids, their spouses and their respective six kids, not to mention assorted other spouses and cousins who couldn't make it.)

We sat around my cousin's backyard as the sun went down. It felt like we were back at my grandma and pap's house in Wilkinsburg, playing ball and sitting on the swing after Sunday dinner. So much laughing and fun.

Here are some other pictures:

Can you believe my grandma is turning 85 on July 7? She is just so beautiful.

And here's my favorite. Josh and Josh had their arms around me, and on their own, each started tickling me, so I'm trying not to crack up.

In yarn news, I finished one project (this guy) but still haven't started on the shawl ... I tried to but I am completely bewildered on how to switch colors with each row. The clock is ticking ...

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