Saturday, August 18, 2007

another reunion

Tonight I hung out with Dan, a friend from high school whom I haven't seen since 2001, when we graduated. He's in the Navy - a pilot! - and just got stationed in Norfolk. So we had a little reunion tonight - he gave me the grand tour of his new house, and he, his roommate Brandon and Brandon's friend went to a restaurant within walking distance for dinner. I had a blackened tuna sandwich with cucumber and sprouts, very yummy. Then we checked out the cheesily titled "Thank Goodness It's Ocean View" concert, where a band that seemed to be a big deal in the 1960s played. Then it was back to Granby North for a drink, where Carson, the other roommate/Brandon's brother joined us.

It was so great to catch up with Dan. He was quieter than I remembered - not that he was loud before, but he just seemed ... more thoughtful, I guess. And he is such a gentleman, insisting on paying for everything. He's only been in Norfolk a few weeks; I told him he has to come down to Ghent soon. Anyway, I'm super happy to have another friend in the area, especially one who's known me for so long.

Dan and me!

We look a little crazed because his roommate kept making us laugh. As you can see Dan is adorable. So is his roommate, who is also a pilot. If Lauren were single, I'd totally be playing matchmaker.

I just wonder ... between my reunion with Laura two weeks ago, and tonight ... I'm wondering where someone from preschool will come out of the woodwork. :-)

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