Thursday, August 23, 2007

weekend goals

So I'm off tomorrow and Saturday, and next Thursday through Tuesday. By the end of all that lovely free time, I hope to accomplish:

1. at least one trip to the beach. I've gone only about three times all summer. This is unacceptable. I might work this into a little road trip to the Outer Banks.
2. finishing Lori and JJ's blanket. I'm almost there:
ripple blanket progress

3. finishing my scarf of many colors. I'm not quite as far, but with a week off, I can accomplish anything.
ribbed scarf, one skein in
4. making my roomie, who has mono, some chicken noodle soup.
5. casting on a sock, especially because I can take it to SnB where all the sock-knitting wonder women can straighten me out when I mess up!

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