Friday, August 17, 2007

clumsy fool (or, why I'm getting old).

I smashed my ankle into the side of my bed on Monday and it still hurts. I have a slat that sticks out about 1/2 inch (I put my bed together myself; what do you expect?), and I've usually avoided it, but the other day, it hit the ball of my ankle (for lack of a better descriptor) head on. I cut my ankle slightly, but more painful was the throbbing ever since. I can't even sit Indian style with my left leg on the bottom. Running has been out of the question, so I've taken Gracie on long, ambling walks around Ghent this week. I guess I was feeling brave tonight, it was raining as I left work, and I did that jogging-that's-mostly-your-arms-moving (Dane Cook does a funny skit about it), put my weight on it, and pain shot up my calf. Since then I've had twinges of pain in my heel. Fun fun fun. I'm going to continue to be bull-headed about it and go to the gym tomorrow anyway.

And before I go ... here's a pretty yarn shot!

my favorite part of the scarf

It accidentally fell off the needles the other night, and I scrunched over it cursing while Josh watched "The Daily Show" beside me. He said "I thought knitting was something you did to relax?" I can't believe it took him this long to say it.

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