Wednesday, August 8, 2007

bad weather, bad knitter.

As I write this, tells me it's 89 degrees in Norfolk and feels like 100. The forecast today? High of 103. Does this mean it will eventually feel like 114 outside? Holy moly.

What with this ridiculous weather, I haven't felt up to knitting much lately. I haven't even wanted to leave the house, really. So I've been going through my stack of library books and marking pages where I want to make copies of patterns. I'm just about done, then it's off to a copy place to make some copies.

Oh yeah - the only other place I've felt like going in this heat has been the gym. I've decided to make my return to running races when the weather gets nicer - in fact, I'm going to try to organize a team at work for the Race for the Cure, which is on Oct. 20. Plenty of time to get back in optimal running shape.

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  1. See, with me the insanely hot weather (and yarn diet) have prompted me to knit like mad. I figure if I knit enough winter things, by the time I'm done with it all, it will BE winter and then I'll be set. =D