Friday, August 10, 2007


I almost passed out twice from this ridiculous heat yesterday.

I went to the gym and, 30 minutes of cardio later, drove to Chesapeake to run some errands - I scored a gorgeous set of sheets for $32 (regular price: $129.99), got a new shower curtain, liner and rug, and even went to an office supply store to get an organizer for all my knitting/crochet patterns floating around the house. All my stopping and starting, getting out of the AC and into the heat, it wore me out. When I got home, I was so glad to just sit.

Then, after 8 hours of sitting at work, a few friends and I went to a tapas bar where I had some really yummy portabella/spinach/tofu thing in some kind of soy sauce. But I couldn't really enjoy it because it was 2000 degrees in the restaurant. I guess they had turned the A/C off, or maybe I was sitting next to the wall that had the dishwasher on the other side, but I just was really uncomfortable and melting. I came home, took a cold shower and went to bed.

It's hard to want to do anything in this heat. I don't want to go to the gym at all - and having to be at work at 1:30 instead of 4 doesn't help my motivation to work out, because I'll be looking at the clock the whole time. So I think I might run to the grocery store because I'm out of most everything, only to return and be greeted by the beautiful woosh of cool air when I come in the front door. Thank God for a/c.

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  1. Today was a nice relief--rainyish, but bearable. I really want it to be autumn now!