Thursday, September 6, 2007

a confession

I'm off my yarn diet. This is what broke it:

Thank Ewe Sock Yarn, Firedancer

It's intended for socks for Alli, my sister-in-law-to-be. It made me think of the Cincinnati Bengals and, consequently, her. The fact that it was on sale was even better. I got it here.

Then after I bought that I bought a bunch of stuff at the Hook and I's Labor Day sale, though:

Plymouth Sockotta 6655


Silja Strompegarn sock yarn

Country Classic Yarn for Sox

From top: Plymouth Sockotta, Regia 4-ply Tweed, Silja sock yarn, and Country Classic Yarn for Sox. I'm all stocked up for Christmas presents!

OK, back to listening to Lily Allen and working on this puppy (if I don't fall asleep first. Josh and I just had a big old dinner at PF Chang's and ice cream afterward (it's our anniversary!) and I am soooo sleepy.) I'm about five rows into the gusset. As fun as it is (I've never decreased before, this is a novel thing for me), I'm ready to be done with this sock. I want to ship it off to the second-sock orphanage and get to work with some new yarn! (My, this paragraph had a bunch of parentheses.)

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