Friday, September 14, 2007


Everything was going so well ...

getting ready to bind off

I was a little worried about the ending. I mean, the decreases meant my top-of-the-foot needle had a lot fewer stitches than the two bottom-of-the-feet needles, so I figured the toe would not look perfect. I figured it was time to end the sock when I literally couldn't proceed with the top needle anymore - I had four stitches on it, so I couldn't K1, K2tog, ssk, K1 on it. I guess I could have transferred stitches to that needle to help, but I wasn't sure if that was the right way to proceed.

So I reviewed the grafting segment of the Harlot's episode of "Knitty Gritty" and watched the video before proceeding ... felt like I knew what I was doing ... and then I did it and got this:

my first sock!

It's an ugly, ugly toe. I just don't know what I did wrong. Did I try to kitchener too many stitches? Did I not tighten as I went? Honestly it kind of deflated me after the past two weeks of rocking this sock ... I really felt good about the whole thing. I guess that's how knitting is. You get all cocky, and boom, the gods laugh at you and give you a wonky toe. (My roommate said "it's just custom for your big toe!" She's the best.)

In new project news ... I cast on (but frogged after two rounds because I created yarnovers) for my mom's sock in this beauteous colorway. I've been feeling a little lonely lately so maybe working on some Pittsburgh themed socks will put me in the right state of mind. =) Back to cast on again.

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  1. This is just a guess, but it looks like the right side needs a decrease or two more. That might explain why one needle had more stitches than the other.

    On the bright side--when you're wearing shoes, the toe won't show at all! And the rest of the sock looks GREAT! =)