Wednesday, April 30, 2008

lots of yarn pron

I finished Jamie's socks ... just in time to see her on Friday:

finished Monkeys

I'm one pattern repeat into a Nutkin:

Nutkin after one repeat

I got my economic stimulus check on Saturday (really early! I have yet to find someone else who received theirs already) and did a little yarn shopping. First, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Multi to make baby socks for my co-worker's twin boys (due in July, I believe):

baby socks

As you can see I'm well into sock no. 1. The needles came from a Susan Bates multipack - they're no bigger than 1, likely 0 or 00. The stitches look phenomenal! I think baby knits are the only time I'll use such small needles, though. I'm half afraid of stabbing myself with them all the time.

And, for me, I got some Trekking Pro Natura in a beautiful white:

Trekking Pro Natura

I'm getting geared up for my trip, especially because it's been a crazy week at work. A hefty tornado touched down nearby yesterday. Everyone I know is safe, but a lot of people say they're about five minutes away from devastation, that sort of thing. I have been working at least 10 hours a day, helping out before my shift in the editorial department. So yeah, long days like these make me *really* excited to get out of town for a little. And my trip to D.C. is not just that anymore. I'm taking off a day early and heading to New Jersey to see my former roommate, Lauren. I'm really excited to see her ... though the impetus for my trip is rather sad. Her boyfriend broke up with her, I can't believe he'd be such a numbskull. I'll be excited to see her snazzy new place, though, and catch up for the first time in about two months.

This will probably be my last post before MS&W ... I am really freaking excited for this weekend. I hope I'm not too shy to say hello to other Ravelers!


  1.'d better say hi to me if you see me there! I'll have my 3 kids, my dad & his wife, my aunt and her son, AND my bff from high school travelling behind me! LOL!!! Anyway, where do you get the Ravelry name tags??? I thought maybe we pick them up at the fest...I know there was a message out there about getting avatar stickers at the Ravelry area (in the Rabbit Building) so I assumed we could get a button or something there at the same time. Do you know anything different? Email me on Ravelry if you want to.