Monday, April 7, 2008


Another lazy weekend, not much to report.

I watched a lot of movies - "The Hudsucker Proxy" (loved it), "Benny and Joon" (haven't seen it in years, but I forgot how great the music is), the last half of "The Fellowship of the Rings," and about 80% of "The Two Towers." (Both are the extended editions, which I received as a Christmas gift in 2004, I believe, and hadn't opened. Ever.)

So yeah, I got a lot of knitting done. This is where I was on Friday night with the second Monkey:

Monkey progress

Sorry, but no progress picture, but I can just say that I'm past the heel flap gusset and onto the round-and-round of the foot. I feel cocky enough that I'll finish on time that I cast on for another sock - the mate to this basic stockinette sock on my left foot in this picture. I like to have a stockinette sock on the needles at all times. If I'm feeling really crazy, I'd love to finish the stockinette sock for myself before my trip to D.C./MS&W in three and a half weeks, but I know that's highly unlikely.

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  1. The Monkeys look so good!

    ooh, you're going to MS&W? How exciting! Have fun! =)