Thursday, April 24, 2008

meh sickness.

I ended up missing Tuesday and Wednesday at work, and I was off tonight (Thursday), so I had three days of sickness fun (note the sarcasm). I was tired but not too tired to sit and knit. So I all but finished Jamie's Monkeys (just have to graft the toe when I'm 100%) and decided to wind some yarn to not only take the edge off (as the Yarn Harlot says), not only to make myself feel a little better (there's something healing or calming about winding yarn), but also to decide what to knit next.

What should I knit?

I ended up going with the multicolor on the right - Yarn Pirate in Wildflowers. After less than 24 hours, I'm one pattern repeat into Nutkin and I'm loving it (but sorry, no pictures yet).

Today was a long day ... I got up really early after far too little sleep (for a reason to be explained in a moment) and couldn't fall asleep after a voicemail from my aunt. I had this big plans for my boyfriend and I to take my grandma (who is visiting from Pittsburgh for the week) to lunch today, but one of my grandma's teeth fell out and she needed to make an emergency trip to the dentist. So, I still went to lunch with her, but Josh was left out of the equation as he just stayed downtown to get to work on time. It was lovely to spend the day with my grandma, though - we went to Ruby Tuesday and to Barnes and Noble so she could pick up a new crossword dictionary, and then we just hung out at my aunt's and I knitted while she did word puzzles. And of course we went to the dentist, where I knitted some more.

I couldn't fall asleep because I was flipping channels and saw a show about UFOs on the History Channel - the preview said it was about two people 500 miles apart who had made contact with UFOs. Are you kidding, of course I'm going to watch that! Crazy stuff. Well, the first guy they profiled was practically located in my backyard. I was very excited when they showed my newspaper's masthead and quoted an article about local UFO sightings ... but the show lost all credibility for me when they started discussing one of the guy's sightings being near "Northwest Naval Base in Chesapeake." I've only been here three years, but I know there is no naval installation by that name in Chesapeake - in fact, it's a landlocked city; the only installation that I know of is an auxiliary landing field. My annoyance was pushed over the edge when they showed the "Northwest Naval Base" on a map - it was blatantly Norfolk Naval Station - at the tippy top of Norfolk, directly across from Craney Island, etc. I've edited enough locator maps in my day that I know my local geography, dang it.

I know that finding these kind of errors is my job, and I can't help but do it even when I'm not at work, but I had half a mind to write to the History Channel and the producers of this show ("UFO Hunters") and say "Look, UFO sightings are pretty difficult to believe ... but if you can't get the basic facts correct, like not being able to identify the name and location of the largest naval installation in the world, well, viewers are going to be even less likely to believe all these sightings."

Maybe this is a sign I'm recovered and ready to go back to work??


  1. Well, I am glad you are on the mend. Disappointing about the UFOs. Alas. Such is life I guess.

    I love Ruby Tuesdays. I do. Whenever I hit the States, it's where I end up. I love days with people who are special to me.

  2. Good job on getting the knitting done while being sick. I hope you feel better now!!