Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday, Sunday (and new yarn!)

Whew! I think my running mojo is back. I went out for a long run today, determined to run at least an hour and to not count the miles in advance. I ended up doing about 4.25 miles in 61 minutes (12:21 pace). It was a beautiful day, in the mid 60s and breezy. I had taken quite a few days off, mostly because I was busy - I had family in town and was out of the house from early in the morning till it was time to come home and fall asleep! But I'm glad to have these sore legs right now. =)

Today I did a big shop at Kroger ... took the dog to the park (which didn't go so well, as my 20-pound cocker spaniel started snapping at an enormous pit bull named Gotti, ugh) ... and I'm going to bake an apple pie tonight for my honey. I am loving my four-day weekend! Time to go knit. =)

ETA: Oh yeah! I did a little yarn shopping when I started reading a Ravelry thread about Little Knits. I got each of these skeins for $3.50:

new yarn (2 of 3)

new yarn (3 of 3)

And this wasn't $3.50, but it was very much on sale:

new yarn (1 of 3)

I ordered this on Sunday, I believe, and it arrived on Saturday (from Seattle). Pretty great timing! I've also got an order out in the ether from WEBS - I took advantage of their anniversary sale and got myself some Berroco Ultra Alpaca for my (gulp) first sweater.


  1. I love those kinds of runs. Awesome score with the yarn. :)

  2. Eeesh. I'm a dog lover, which you are well aware of, but why do people bring Pit Bulls to the dog park?! Miss Gracie is one bold pup!!!

  3. That is the best weather to run in! Wow. Good job on the run!! 60 minutes straight is intense!! I can't do that.

    Also my small dogs (westies) always try to start fights with bigger dogs. So embarassing.