Saturday, July 14, 2007

I am in love ...

with my iPod! And I haven't even used it yet.

I've got about 6.2 gigs of music, (about 1500 files) and it was really fast to upload. I had no idea how the synch worked - I'm used to having to pick and choose which songs I want on my shuffle, but it automatically checks to see what's songs have been added or what names have changed (I was anal retentive and renamed my helter-skelter playlists to things like run.5K, run.15k, run.shamrock.) And it's only about 20 percent full!

Also, I got a bunch of podcasts at the iTunes store - I subscribed to some NPR: This American Life, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and Michael Feldman's Whaddya Know. Then I did a search for "knitting" and found there are a ton of yarn podcasts to be discovered!! It's a whole new world. I have no idea what's good, but I've subscribed to Lime & Violet, Knitters Uncensored, Knit Picks' Podcast and Crochet Unraveled. I don't know when I'll listen to them, because my commute to work is about seven minutes long, but maybe it'd be good to listen to while I'm working on my latest project.

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  1. yay!! I mainly listen to podcasts on my iPod as well (I have a black one), and Lime & Violet gets the most plays. Have you listened to Cast On yet? That's another awesome knitting podcast. Have fun!! =D