Friday, July 13, 2007

The universe works in mysterious ways.

My last post talked about how I am unable to buy myself more than one thing at a time. Well, without going into much detail, I very quickly got over that speed bump. My iPod might arrive today (Thanks to Josh ... he is the best!) and I am very excited to swoon over it and upload songs to it and create the perfect playlists.

Last night I pulled out a couple of CDs I haven't listened to in about a year: the mix CD I pulled together after my semester in England, and a CD my then-friend Matt made that my roommates and I listened to compulsively during my senior year of college. I can still see one of my roommates dancing around with him, singing "Hotel Yorba" by the White Stripes. (I realize this was two and a half years ago, so I shouldn't be reminiscing as if I'm about to expire or something.) But it's funny how music can conjure up those things.

I think I'm almost over this bug I caught from Josh. I'm forcing myself to go to the gym today because I haven't been there in a week and a half (yikes!). Granted, I've been dogsitting and have been feeling pretty crappy, but still. Admitting that in a public forum is even more incentive, y'know? Then I plan on spending my day off watching my newly purchased movies (True Lies, Benny & Joon and Four Weddings & a Funeral) and crocheting.

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