Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I want, I want ...

'Scuse me while I post my wish list of the moment:

Knit Picks Options. I really want to get more into knitting, but I'm limited by my needle inventory, which consists of mostly straight needles. I bought some gorgeous Manos del Uruguay yarn the other day to make a cool winter hat, but I can't find my lone pair of circulars anywhere. Knitting needles are more expensive than crochet hooks, so buying this set of interchangeable needles would solve a lot of my problems at a reasonable price. I've been reading lots of reviews, and they seem nice and pointy, they join well (and stay joined). So I'm basically sold, it's just that I can't justify spending $70+ at KnitPicks (obviously I'd buy some yarn while I'm shopping there, and oh yeah, books are 40 percent off right now) when I've got an Amazon order quickly approaching ...

I need to pre-order this:
I own all the HP books in hardcover, so this will complete my collection. I am very excited to read this, though it'll be sad when the series is over. I still remember when I pre-ordered OotP and it came to my apartment in Harrisburg in summer 2003 ... I had nothing to do, I knew no one there, so I just read and read and read.

To qualify for free shipping with Amazon, I need to spend about $7 more. After visiting Busch Gardens on Sunday, I instantly wanted to play Roller Coaster Tycoon again. I haven't played since, oh, high school or so, but I remember how addictive it was. So yes, I believe RCT3 might end up in my cart when I pre-order the final HP book.

Josh is in the middle of buying a MacBook, and Apple is running a deal for students where they'll throw in an iPod nano with a computer purchase. He might let me get in on the nano deal, but part of me wants to upgrade for $50 to the 30gig iPod. I'd be stupid not to, right?? I mean, I'd never buy one at full price, so ... I shouldn't pass this up. Then again, I only have 6.5 gigs of music, so I could easily just go for the free 4gig one. Then I'd feel guilty for inserting myself in the middle of his free nano situation.

So yes, I want lots of things but am unable to commit because I'm, well, a cheapskate.

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  1. If you do decide to get the Options set, you will be so glad you did! I love mine. That was enabling, wasn't it? =D