Thursday, July 26, 2007

An actual conversation

Me (studying my fall scarf which has become a ribbed scarf): I'm going to have to rip this out.
Josh: Isn't there another term for ripping out?
Me: You mean frogging?
Josh: Yeah, that's it. You called it that the other day.

This is proof that a) he listens to me babble on about yarn and b) I need to keep him.

And yes, I figured out how ribbing works. Go me! I realize this is not a huge discovery for most knitters but man do I feel like a smartie pants right now. I am one step closer to my dream of knitting socks, and it only took several hours. I got the whole K2 P2 thing, but when I'd turn it around and K2, P2, it just didn't *look* right. Then I had a flash - knitting ribbing in the round is K2 P2, but I'd have to switch to P2 K2 in the wrong-side rows since I'm using straight needles. And ribbing looks like little strips of stockinette, so I'd have to switch on the wrongside rows.

I was so elated that I did an order at to get DPNs in sizes 000 to 3 (as well as some Patons Kroy sock yarn).

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