Sunday, July 29, 2007

secret project!

I'm working on a super-secret knitting project (well, I'm calling it that because I'm too lazy to take a picture of it). I think that every time I take a picture of projects, I end up frogging them:

I figured out ribbing!  I think.

close-up of colors

So I will hold off on taking a picture of this one. But I'll say this: It's not the yarn pictured above, and it's progressing much faster than any other knitting project of mine.

I just took advantage of my work's book sale for the first time ever and boy, what was I waiting for? I got all these books for $7.50:

new books!

Between finishing Deathly Hallows, my recent book stash enhancement and Shelfari, I am itching to read more often again. I was such a voracious reader when I was younger (seriously, I would borrow 10+ books from the library and return them, read, a week later) and I would love to pick it back up.

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  1. Shelfari has me itching to read more, too! I'm trying to divide my time now between knitting and reading, which is pretty tough to do--I think knitting still wins most of the time!